211 – Humanitarian Logistics: Digitalization @ International Medical Corps

211-Humanitarian Logistic Digitalization at the International Medical Corps

Today we are talking about a project dealing with humanitarian logistics. International Medical Corps won the Lynn C Fritz medal for the Pharmaceutical Information Management System (PIMS) and their efforts to make goods available in very difficult situations all over the world.

We are very grateful that three people from International Medical Corps agreed to talk about the digitalization of the pharmaceutical supply chain and the last mile, but also about their organization and the topics they deal with.

The PIMS is a technical solution to help getting an overview about where goods are available and where they are needed. It was built to work in the field under very harsh conditions and it effects thousands of lifes. It serves medics and staff that act according to their claim “First There, No Matter Where.”

Thank you for your time Shelley, Mohammed and Yazeed. It was an honor talking to you!
Best wishes for your future plans.


Website of Int. Medical Corps and PIMS

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Shelley Wenk on LinkedIn

Yazeed Ayasrah on LinkedIn

Logistics Hall of Fame: Medal for Excellence in Humanitarian Logistics

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